60 new buses in the public transport of Sofia

From August 1 60 new gas buses of the highest ecological standard – Euro 6, will be added to the public transport sector in Sofia. The new buses will operate mainly in the northern and western districts of Sofia – Novi Iskar, Krekimovtsi, Vrabnitsa, and Nadezhda. The buses will substitute vehicles aged between 15 and 25 years. This is part of the program to modernize the city's bus fleet and combat air pollution. The buses can accommodate up to 100 people and have 32 seats. They are fully air-conditioned and have cameras and monitors to ensure greater safety. The buses have a platform for easier boarding and fully meet the highest environmental standard Euro 6. Their engine is 320 horsepower and this is the most powerful engine in this class. On a single charge, such a bus can travel an average of 600 kilometers. There are already such buses in the public transport sector of cities in England, Italy and Spain.