Retro Train Tours – Another Tourist Attraction

Sofia organized attractive one-day trips with a steam locomotive from Sofia to Kyustendil and from Sofia to the Cherepish Monastery For the first time in Bulgaria, two attractive retro-train trips took place with more than 1000 tourists. The first one was on Lazarus Saturday and was from Sofia to Kyustendil while the second one was on Palm Sunday and was from Sofia to the Cherepish Monastery. The routes presented in a picturesque way Sofia and its landmarks to the Bulgarian and foreign tourists – through an exotic train drawn by the steam retro locomotive "Baba Metsa”. Initiated by the Ministry of Tourism and BDZ (Bulgarian State Railways), the retro-locomotive trips will take place on special dates all year round. The idea is to present in the same way other parts of Bulgaria. On May 24 three more trips will take place – one is for students and is from Sofia to Bankya while the other two include Varna, Pliska and other interesting historical places. For more information: