Sofia Won the Grand Prize of the International Tourism Film Festival "On the East Coast of Europe"

Competing with 91 other movies from Bulgaria and other countries, Sofia Municipality won the grand prize in the category "History and Culture" (Section: Reporting and Documentary Films) at the prestigious XII International Tourism Film Festival "On the East Coast of Europe" that took place in Veliko Tarnovo. The film is produced by Sofia Tourism Administration – Municipality of Sofia.

The film - the fruit of two years’ work, is titled Once upon a Time ... Three Kingdoms and tells us about the capital of the Third Bulgarian Kingdom through its relationship with key European cities: Vienna, Verona, London, Berlin, St. Petersburg, Darmstadt, and Assisi. The movie also presents the influence Sofia has over the most important Bulgarian cities – Varna, Ruse and Plovdiv. The connections between emblematic individuals and buildings in the capital are traced through the history of the royal European families and the most symbolic architectural works of Europe.

The film is dedicated to the history of Bulgaria– from the foundation of the country to the end of the Third Bulgarian Kingdom in 1946. The story itself begins 6,000 years BC with the birth of the most ancient civilization in the world - the Varna culture. It emerged two millennia before the first Egyptian pyramids, but most probably vanished because of an unprecedented climatic event - the Biblical Flood.

There are also dramatic stories regarding the architecture of the capital (palaces, gardens, boulevards, and churches) from Roman Serdica till the end of the Bulgarian Kingdom. The film is shot in more than 10 countries and in 30 cities on the Old Continent that are connected to the Bulgarian history. In the film is used original music by Palm Beach Sound Over Ground.

Once upon a Time ... Three Kingdoms presents the European development of our country, the elite of the Bulgarian Kingdom who were brought up with no titles, but with noble self-esteem and education, and ready to serve the country. The director of the film is Stepan Polyakov, the chief operator - Momchil Alexandrov, and the original script is written by Tosho Peykov and Stepan Polyakov.