Welcome to Sofia
the capital of Bulgaria

8 Dec | WINNIE THE POOH Music and Dance Events
9 Dec | St. Anna Religious Holidays
9 Dec | CONCERT FOR BABIES Music and Dance Events
9 Dec | THE LOST PRINCESS Music and Dance Events

December 2023

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Where to stay?


There are 15 rooms and a restaurant with garden

What to do?

Spark Fitness&SPA

Spark Fitness & SPA Center is a great place to relieve stress and accumulated fatigue from the working day. The complex has a gym, large indoor pool, small indoor pool with hydromassage, steam bath, sauna, jacuzzi and contrast shower. The water in the pool of the SPA Center is purified using sea salt, which extracts the natural chlorine from it, and thus makes it safe for babies, children and adults with sensitive skin. Swimming instructors are available to visitors throughout the day. The center has group classes in yoga, water aerobics and swimming for children and adults.