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the capital of Bulgaria

29 May | ARIEL Music and Dance Events
30 May | MILEN NACHEV Music and Dance Events
6 Jun | BOMSORI KIM & SABINE MEYER Music and Dance Events
13 Jun | Ascension of Jesus Religious Holidays
13 Jun | LOHENGRIN Music and Dance Events

May 2024

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Billiard Club STIX is situated in the underpass of the National Palace of Culture and it is the best place for billiards, snooker, darts in Sofia. The club is provided with 14 professional billiard tables, 2 tables for snooker, 5 boards for darts and minifootball. Three other reasons to choose club STIX are the cozy atmosphere, the modern bar and the fact that it is open non-stop. The professional billiard tables are DYNAMIC II and are 9-foot long, the standart for most of the European competitions. The snooker tables are 12-foot long with Steel block.