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142 years since the birth of the great poet Yavorov

On January 1, 2020 we celebrate the 142nd anniversary of the birth of one of the greatest Bulgarian poets of the 20th century – the Bulgarian Symbolist poet Yavorov. He was born in 1878 and his whole life can be characterized with the words “I don’t live – I burn. Two souls struggle within me – the soul of an angel and the soul of a demon”. He fought for the unification of Bulgaria and was part of the Internal Macedonia-Edirne Revolutionary Organization. He also immortalized the woman he loved and her beautiful eyes in a poem – “Two beautiful eyes. The soul of a child in two beautiful eyes”. You can learn more about the poem in the renovated P.K. Yavorov House-Museum in Sofia, which in 2019 was bought by Sofia Municipality and the National Literary Museum will continue to manage it.

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Wednesday 01 January 2020