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KvARTal Festival 2019 vol. 4

Stage in the yard of the Council of Ministers, Cinema House, Sofia High School of Mathematics
For three years now, the multi-genre KvARTal Festival (kvartal = neighbourhood) has been attracting a diverse audience in the area between Maria Louisa Blvd., Dondukov Blvd., Vasil Levski Blvd. and Slivnitsa Blvd. Created on the basis of existing businesses and on the interesting history of the neighborhood, in the span of a few days the festival wants to show a possible future in which this historical part of Sofia develops as a creative neighbourhood. The festival has become a cultural and leisure event for the residents and guests of the capital. The initiative is a good example of building a working model in which local businesses and organizations are united by the idea of preserving and enriching the urban environment, choosing by themselves how to contribute.


Friday 13 September 2019