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Easter (Resurrection Sunday)

The Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church and the Catholics celebrate Easter on April 21,
Orthodox Christians – on April 28, 2019
Resurrection Sunday is the most celebrated feast in Christianity. It represents the most important event in Orthodoxy – the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
The preparations for this holiday start the week before Easter also known as Holly Week. This is the last week of Christ’s life on Earth. In 2019, Catholics, Protestants and Armenians celebrate Easter on April 21, while Orthodox Christians – on April 28.
Easter eggs are dyed on Maundy Thursday or the Saturday before Easter, but they cannot be eaten before Easter. In Sofia and Bulgaria people also prepare tasty Easter bread (kozunak).  With the first red-painted egg, grandmothers draw a cross sign on the foreheads of children so that they are healthy throughout the whole year.
Easter is celebrated for three days. In the morning, everyone goes to church for the solemn Holy Liturgy and returns home with a lighted candle greeting one another with the words “Christ is Risen!”. The newlywed couples visit their best man and maid of honor, parents and the husband’s brother. They give them kozunak and a basket with red eggs.
People named Velik, Velika, Velichka, Velichko, Veliko, etc. celebrate their name day.
In the temples of Sofia are held liturgies and religious ceremonies dedicated to the feast.
The table is laden with delicious lamb dishes, fresh salads, pastries and cakes.

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Sunday 28 April 2019