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Dolni Bogrov

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near the village of Dolni Bogrov
The village of Dolni Bogrov is located 14 km northeast of Sofia. In the eastern part of the village flows the river Lesnovska, and to the west of it there are three reservoirs, known as the lakes of the village of Dolni Bogrov. The first and second are connected by a small canаl. The third, which is also the smallest one, is self-contained and offers paid fishing. Carp (up to 10 kg), pike, tench, bleak, catfish, trophy carp (over 10 kg), trout, grass carp, redfin, perch and caracuda are bred there. The paid pond has sheds, tables, benches, toilet, parking, restaurant and bait shop.

near the village of Dolni Bogrov

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