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Hydropark Kazichene

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1 Dyacon Stoil Str., Kazichene village
The lake is inhabited by sheatfish, carp, silver carp, grass carp, european perch, danube bleak, dace, carassius and rudd. Sports fishing is allowed. The complex also offers: water skiing, wakeboarding, cycling on water, motorboating, a beach with lounges, table tennis and pool.

1 Dyacon Stoil Str., Kazichene village

Water sports

Kazichene Hydropark is located west of the village of Kazichene. The complex has a park-restaurant, summer bar, hotel base, a separate beach area with sunbeds, tables for billiards and table tennis, free children's playground, water sports facilities and equipment rental: board, water skiing, mono ska, vests , helmets. The hydro park offers the opportunity to practice various water sports such as: water skiing, served by a ski lift with 9 carts (the lift has a circumference of 930 m and develops a speed of 0 to 70 km / h); wake board; mono ska; riding: pedal boats, motor boats and jets. Since 2000, an annual sport fishing tournament has been organized there. Fans of fishing have the opportunity to try their luck in catching catfish / Bulgarian and canal /, carp, silver carp, grass carp, perch, bleak, maple, caracuda and redfin.