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Recreation Area Pancharevo

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230 Samokovsko shose Str., Pancharevo village
Pancharevo Lake is the largest body of water near Sofia. It is located 12 km. southeast of the city center in the direction of Samokov and Borovets, 600 m above sea level. Тhree recreational cores are formed оn the shores of the lake - a SPA complex around the mineral springs, a Sports Center on the territory of the National Rowing Base Sredets and a Recreation zone in the area "Plazha" ( the beach) at its southern end, offering numerous picnic areas around Iskar river, a restaurant, a children's playground and a pond for paid fishing. The fish world is represented by white fish, caracuda, catfish, trout, perch and pike. Along the eastern shore of the lake passes a picturesque panoramic trail which reveals beautiful views of the Vitosha and Plana mountains.

230 Samokovsko shose Str., Pancharevo village

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