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Vyatar & Voda Sailing Club

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+359 897 032 327, + 359 897 034 347
Iskar Dam – Instrum Park, Pancharevo area
Vyatar & Voda Sailing Club (‘Вятър и Вода’ means ‘Wind and Water’ in Bulgarian) offers rows with a sailboat for 2-6 people with an instructor on board at the Iskar Dam. While sailing, you will enjoy not only a beautiful row across the dam, but also a panoramic view of the forest reserve on the other side, where deers and does walk around in freedom. You’ll be able to see beautiful sights of Vitosha and Rila mountains too. Make sure to call beforehand for registration.  The club also offers practical courses - where knowledge about boat management and sailing skills are acquired - sailing setup, maneuvering – generally, more active participation in the boat management. How to get there: The location is Istrum Park camping site. From Sofia you can reach the Trakia highway and the Ihtiman ring-road. It is located on the road between Ihtiman and Samokov, as soon as the road reaches the shore of the dam. The entrance to the campsite is marked with a billboard which says ‘Istrum Park’.

Iskar Dam – Instrum Park, Pancharevo area

+359 897 032 327, + 359 897 034 347

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