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Waterpark Vyatarnite Melnitsi

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+359 885 70 00 05
at the entrance of Gorna Malina village
Waterpark Vyatarnite Melnitsi (translates to ‘The Windmills’) is located 20 km away from Sofia. There you can enjoy a fishing experience with all the comfort you need – piers with tables, benches and a reed roof. The complex offers food service directly to the pier as well – the orders are made for free by phone. The lake is surrounded by 9 piers with place for 80 people. The fish species are: carp, grass carp, silver carp, catfish, pike, carassius, Danube bleak, grey mullet, tench, common roach.

at the entrance of Gorna Malina village

+359 885 70 00 05

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