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Windmills Hydropark

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at the entrance of Gorna Malina village
The Windmills Hydropark is located 20 kilometers from Sofia. The complex has five restaurants, six outdoor swimming pools (incl. 2 for kids), a hotel complex containing six three-storey houses, a water park, a zoo, a lake for sport fishing, and many attractions for young and old /, energy pyramid for relaxation, horseback riding, paintball, nature walks, etc./. The hydropark is an ideal place for sport fishing for trophy specimens. Around the lake are built 9 piers with a total capacity of 80 seats. Fishing enthusiasts can enjoy all amenities - piers with tables, benches and thatched roofs. Service is available at each fishing pier, and orders are accepted by toll-free telephone. The fish inhabiting the lake are: carp, grass carp, silver carp, European catfish, pike, caracuda, bleak, mullet, tench and roach.

at the entrance of Gorna Malina village

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