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24 Dragan Tsankov Blvd.
The Dechko Uzunov Gallery is a museum center that aims to broaden the public’s knowledge of Dechko Uzunov’s impressive artistic legacy. The wide variety of oil paintings, watercolor paintings, drawings and primary source documents provides the basis for outlining three main directions in the development of the gallery’s exhibition program. In 1995, Dechko Uzunov’s nephews, Atanas Neykov-Nayo, Hristo Neykov and Penyo Valchnov, and his niece, Elena Valchanova, donated some 13, 000 artworks to the Capital City Municipality following the artist’s wishes. The donation was complemented by a broad selection of documents and photographs related to the artist’s life, various artefacts, as well as his collection of books from around the world. The collection of the Dechko Uzunov Gallery-Museum includes 250 paintings, more than 170 sketches and drafts, some 4, 000 artworks most of which are watercolor paintings, and more than 9, 000 drawings done in pencil, India ink, felt-tip pen, pen, including mixed media drawings. Most of these drawings are in sketchbooks that the artist always took with him. Thanks to them we can see the world through Dechko Uzunov’s eyes, namely the variety of places and images commemorated by the artist during his travels. Some drawings evolved into paintings or draft murals, while others remained just the same, like sealed memories. The art collection features a variety of portraits, paintings of nude bodies, still lifes, landscape paintings, and compositions. Created circa 1920 through 1986, the artworks present various phases of Dechko Uzunov’s life and artistic career. The Dechko Uzunov Gallery is a branch of the Sofia City Art Gallery.

24 Dragan Tsankov Blvd.

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