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Gallery Shipka 6

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+3592 944 41 41
+3592 946 02 12
Working time
10 - 18 hours (November - March) 11 - 19 hours (April - October) Days off - Sunday and Monday
1504 Sofia 6 "Shipka" str.
The exhibition gallery of UBA is built on an area of 1200m2. The building is 20 metres high, 24 with the basement or 5 stories with approximately 4000m2 of exhibition space. It is a unique of its time building realized for the first time in Bulgaria through a new technology. The original construction is designed by architect Ivanko Kavalov and engineer Ivan Nikolov.
Historical Information
Beginning of the Union of Bulgarian Artists was laid in 1951 and the building of Gallery "Shipka 6" was built in 1970

1504 Sofia 6 "Shipka" str.

+3592 944 41 41

Galleries and exhibition halls

Union of Bulgarian Artists has three rooms on 800 square meters and another hall of 600 square meters in the galleries of the four floors of the "Shipka" 6.

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