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National Art Gallery

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+3592 980 00 93
+3592 980 00 71
Working time
Tuesday-Sunday: 10:00 -18:00
Price range
For bulgarians and foreigners - 6 BGN for pupils, students and pensioners - 3 BGN
1000 Sofia, 1 Kniaz Aleksandar І Sq.
Historical Information
The start of the National Art Gallery was set in 1892 when creating art department of the National Archaeological Museum. In 1948 the Council of Ministers National Gallery of Art was established as an independent institution.

1000 Sofia, 1 Kniaz Aleksandar І Sq.

+3592 980 00 93

Galleries and exhibition halls

National Art Gallery has the best collection of contemporary art in Bulgaria.Exhibited more than 3000 works of art - paintings, sculpture and graphics.

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