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Square 500 National Gallery

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Working time
Tuesday – Sunday – from 10:00 to 18:00
Price range
Adults – 10 BGN , for students, seniors and retirees – 5 BGN
St.Aleksander Nevsky Sq.
Square 500 museum is a branch of the National Gallery. It opened in May 2015. It has a collection of selected works from the National Gallery. Besides works by famous Bulgarian masters, Square 500 exhibits works by foreign authors as well – from Europe, Asia, America and Africa. The museum is located in the center of Sofia, behind St Aleskander Nevsky Cathedral and may be entered free of charge each second Thursday (monthly). Each month, the team of the National Gallery selects one work from the fund – Accent of the Month – and exhibits it for visitors in the lobby of Square 500.

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St.Aleksander Nevsky Sq.


Galleries and exhibition halls

Square 500 is the only gallery in Sofia that has a special exhibition for the blind called “Touch the art”. As for accessibility the gallery has an elevator and a ramp by the entrance as well as tactile signs in a few places.

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