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Church of St Andrey Parvozvaniy

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+3592 831 70 60
Sofia,112 Opalchenska St.
Historical Information
The temple was built in 1926. Then during the bombing of Sofia in 1944, a bomb fell on its chapel and demolished the building. Afterwards, in three years, a new chapel was built on the same place. The recovery was done in 1948. After a threefold construction the temple was officially consecrated on May 2, 1972.

Sofia,112 Opalchenska St.

+3592 831 70 60


Saint apostle Andrey Parvoznaniy is the only temple bearing the name of the first-called Christ's apostle and is dedicated to the heroic Bulgarian soldiers that took part in the Russo-Turkish liberation war, the Serbo-Bulgarian war and the Macedonian-Odrin volunteer force.

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