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Church of St George the Victorious

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+3592 952 10 44
Sofia , 90 P. Evtimiy Bldv.
The altar's icons that are well preserved to this day were made by masters of the Samokov icon-painting school. Later, the temple was renovated and icon painted. In 1996, a new outhouse was built with two rooms - a chapel and an office, and a 20-metre high bell tower above the Western entrance.

Sofia , 90 P. Evtimiy Bldv.

+3592 952 10 44


Nowadays the temple is a parish church of the Southeast quarters of Sofia - Darvenitsa, Mladost, Musagenitsa and Studentski. There is regularly a liturgy. The temple's holiday is May 6th - Gergyovden, the day of Holy martyr Saint George the Victorious.

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