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Church of St St Cyril and Methodius

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+3592 983 14 85
+3592 983 14 85
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07.00 - 18.00
Sofia, 47 George Washington St.
The temple is a monument of the church construction and home art. It is very rare in its original architectural desing. It is a large ship with three high and ornated domes. It is 30 metres long, 20 metres wide, there is a 6-metre height to its galleries, a 15-metre to the arch and 6 more to the top of the central dome.
Historical Information
The church was built over the ruins the former Black Mosque in the beginning of XX-th century. The Black Mosque was a part of the second mosque complex and was the biggest work of the prominent Ottoman architect Mimar Kodja Sinan in the Rumelia district. After the Liberation (1878) the mosque was used as military warehouse, later as prison. In 1901-1903 the mosque was reconstructed in Orthodox temple with the donations of Sofia citizens. The church architecture involves elements of the church building from the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. The clock at the west façade is quite impressive, it was worked out in the 30s o f20th century. It is a rare piece, not typical for Bulgarian church architecture.

Sofia, 47 George Washington St.

+3592 983 14 85


The Church of St St Cyril and Methodius is located in downtown Sofia and is devoted to brothers Cyril and Methodius (creators of the Slavic alphabet) and their five disciples Kliment, Naum, Sava, Gorazd, and Angelariy.

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