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St. George Rotunda

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Sofia, 2 Dondukov St.
It is an architectural, an archaeological and an art monument of culture of national significance. The Rotunda itself is a centre-domed space with a round planning over a square base with semicircular niches in the corners. Red baked bricks have been used to built it and it has a complex symetrical plan. Its dome rises 13.7 metres from the ground.
Historical Information
It is assumed that the church St. George was built in the III-century as a pagan temple. First half of IV-th century, it was converted into a church. In the Middle Ages this church shall be kept for a period of time the relics of St. Ivan Rilski.

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Sofia, 2 Dondukov St.


The Church of St George is located in the courtyard of the Presidency. It is one of the main streets of Roman Serdica.

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