Sofia Tourism Administration represented Sofia Municipality at the 5th business meeting between the business community and the local government

In the period October 23-25, for the 5th consecutive year, a meeting between the local government and the business community took place. The forum was organized by the Association of Bulgarian Tour Operators and Travel Agents (ABTTA) and its objective was to present good practices in the cooperation between the academic community, the public and private sectors as a prerequisite for sustainable development of tourism in Bulgaria. The meeting took place in the town of Lovech.

For the 5th consecutive year Sofia Tourism Administration represented Sofia Municipality at the 5th business meeting between the business community and the local government. At these meetings the municipalities, the business community and the media show great interest in Sofia as a Bulgarian capital and the largest city in Bulgaria. This year the topic of the meeting was "Competitiveness based on knowledge." During the module “One Year Later” the Director of Sofia Tourism Administration Mr. Ivo Marinov introduced the participants to the latest in the field of tourism in Sofia. The key points in his presentation were: Strategy for the Development of Sofia as a Tourist Destination 2017-2030; Sofia’s newest attractions - the Western Gate of Serdica Archaeological Park and the Triangular Tower of Serdica, and the free access to these sites; the investments in archeology for the past 3 years; the landscaping campaigns in Sofia; the increase in the number of tourists in Sofia; the upgraded tourism website ( which was given as an exemplar by representatives of the academic community to the other representatives of the municipalities; Sofia’s cultural calendar; the first Bulgarian participation through Sofia Tourism Administration at World Tourism UNESCO and the composing of the most up-to-date catalogue of Bulgarian sites in the UNESCO list; the creation of a virtual reality 3D model of the Boyana Church. There was also a presentation on the application. All participants had the opportunity to personally see the 3D model of the church. During the forum Mr. Marinov also answered a number of questions from journalists and representatives of other municipalities, the academic community, and the business community.

During the meeting, a B2B seminar was held with a booth of Sofia Municipality. Here again, a major interest was generated by the most up-to-date catalogue for all Bulgarian UNESCO sites as well as by Sofia’s events calendar. The people that stopped by the booth received the catalogue, promotional materials for tourist attractions in Sofia and additional information on the different types of tourism in the Bulgarian capital.