Global Tech Summit included the first-of-its-kind international event for children

The technology forum Global Tech Summit took place from October 17 to October 19, 2017 in Sofia with the support of Sofia Tech Park and for the first time targeted both adults and children. Global Tech Summit included the international software development conferences Java2Days and Code Monsters as well as the forum that promotes the implementation of innovative technologies to help businesses - Technology4Busines. There were also free initiatives aimed at future IT experts - Free Tech Training and Tech4Kids. It is no coincidence that Tech4Kids - the first international event for children, which aims to give more kids access to interesting computer programming lessons, took place in Sofia. During Tech4Kids, children had the opportunity to watch presentations that gave them essential information on code writing. They also met key people in the field of programming. Together they could write code to manage a drone or a robot, or create fun algorithmic games. With all the events in the IT sector, Sofia is on its way of becoming the digital capital of the new markets.