Sofia with a new tourist attraction – the Bronze house

By the end of 2017 the Bronze House, which will be the biggest sculpture-building in the world made entirely from massive bronze, will have been constructed in the City Garden of Sofia. It will be 14 meters high while the dimensions of the foundation – 7x7 meters. It will consist of more than 1000 hand-made and processed massive bronze elements. Plamen Deyanoff's project "The Bronze House" and its construction in Sofia was officially proposed to Bulgaria by the Republic of Austria in connection with the cultural cooperation between the two countries during their EU presidency and because 2018 was declared European Year of Cultural Heritage by the European Union. In 2018, on the mausoleum site in the City Garden you will be greeted by Sofia’s new attraction which will resemble the Hrelja's Tower in the Rila Monastery. The Bronze House will draw your attention not only because it will summarize the message of the Bulgarian architecture, history, and culture, but because it will also be an example of functional architecture. Inside the building there will be a large space (hall) which will be open to the general public – a stage for a variety of performances: concerts, plays, exhibitions, congresses, and other events, part of the cultural calendar of Sofia Municipality. The project is a real challenge for tourists, museum and gallery lovers, patrons and specialists in contemporary art, history, architecture and urbanism. Sofia’s new attraction will become a powerful symbol of the symbiosis of past, present and future. Just like Sofia - visit it!