Sofia and its Creative Graffiti Messages

At the end of 2017, a new graffiti message was added to the gallery of over 30 remarkable pieces of street art in Sofia. It was created by the world-famous American master of graffiti Tristan Eaton who is popular with his unconventional ideas and visual interpretations. The graffiti presents the many faces of the city and was inspired by the statue of Sofia. You can see it at 74 Graf Ignatiev Street. There are some other famous street art pieces that are also unparalleled – the image of Grandfather Dobri on block of flats N54 in Hadji Dimitar quarter and that of the Bulgarian bride Rada at 55 Sandor Petofi Street, next to the NPC. Both of these works were created by the Bulgarian graffiti master Nassimo.

You can find more information at: HERE.