The renovation of Zapaden Park in Sofia has begun

Friday, 01 June 2018

The modernization and development of green systems is one of the main initiatives that improve the cleanliness of the air in Sofia. The next "green" project of the Municipality has extremely well-chosen measures to improve the accessibility and security of the parks. Zapaden (West) Park is the last of the city’s old parks and the project for its reconstruction envisages the restoration of 530 decares of green areas and alleys, the rock garden with water area, the dry fountain, the flower and rose gardens in the span of 10 months. A special bike lane connected to the city's cycle lanes is also part of the reconstruction. An irrigation system and video surveillance and lighting systems will also be built. There will be another entrance located in Lyulin District. Despite all these changes the nature of the park will be preserved with minimal interference in the green areas.