International Tourism Fair HOLIDAY & SPA EXPO 2019

Wednesday, 06 February 2019

Sofia will Celebrate Two Anniversaries – 140 Years as a Capital of Bulgaria and 60 Years since the Establishment of BNT, at the International Tourism Fair HOLIDAY & SPA EXPO 2019

The 36th edition of the most significant tourism event on the Balkans - the International Tourism Fair HOLIDAY & SPA EXPO 2019, will take place in the Bulgarian capital from February 14 to February 16, 2019. The stand of Sofia in Hall 3 of Inter Expo Center will welcome and immerse you in the magic of film art, present interesting facts about Sofia and its tourist attractions, celebrate the 60th anniversary of the first national public television channel in Bulgaria and screen movies dedicated to the 140-year history of Sofia as the capital of Bulgaria. In 2019 Bulgaria marks 140 years since the convening of the First Constituent National Assembly, the First Grand National Assembly and the First Ordinary National Assembly. We also celebrate 140 years since the election of Alexander of Battenberg as Knyaz of Bulgaria. At the stand of Sofia, Sofia Tourism Administration and BNT will construct an unconventional cinema hall where movies will be screened and advertising and information leaflets about Sofia in Bulgarian and other languages will be provided. People will also be able to buy souvenirs.

Sofia is awaiting you! Welcome to our stand - as if the cinema is real and you are at the projection!