Let’s Learn More about our History and Preserve the Spirit of the City – a Starting Point of Every Project Regarding Sofia

Monday, 01 April 2019

A team of architects, scientists, writers, lecturers, actors, musicians, artists, intellectuals, municipal councilors and the mayor of Sofia got together at the end of March to discuss a project for the restoration of one of the most emblematic streets in the Bulgarian capital – the 60-meter-long street Malko Tarnovo. It represents almost the whole historical development of the city. Under its yellow cobblestones there are remnants of ancient Serdica and of the famous Luna Bar where members of the royal family stopped by to have a drink. Behind the black door in one of the walls you can still find cells of the former Committee for State Security. The street is also associated with one of the most interesting legends of the city - the burning down of the clock tower by the city’s watchmakers, who once lived and worked in the area, because it hindered their business. Sofia must preserve this history and the spirit of the city when it renews and revives every symbolic place in the city such as this street. The Bulgarian capital wants to preserve and develop every detail of its history in the urban space renovation projects. We will have to wait and see how the story of this emblematic street will be presented.