A New Competition Seeks a Solution for the Design of the Soldiers Memorial Monument near the National Palace of Culture in Sofia

Monday, 03 June 2019

Sofia Municipality announced a competition for a construction plan for the Memorial to the Fallen Soldiers from the First and Six Infantry Regiments of the Sofia Division in front of the National Palace of Culture. The project should provide an aesthetic environment for the lion monument so that the memory of the dead soldiers can be expressed with modern artistic means. Proposals will be submitted till September 18, 2019, to the Department of Architecture and Urban Design - 5 Serdica Street, Sofia. Thus, the Bulgarian capital will commemorate the Bulgarians killed in 24 battles involving Sofia’s "Iron" Division. The lion figure, which our ancestors once erected as part of the Memorial to the First and Sixth Infantry Regiments, still stands alone next to the National Palace of Culture and awaits its aesthetic continuation in the overall composition of the square.