More Discoveries in Slatina Neolithic Settlement

Thursday, 27 June 2019

A third burial site was discovered in Slatina Neolithic Settlement a month ago. It is assumed that the skeleton is of an elderly woman. She was buried in a knee-to-chest position as the dead were normally buried at that time. Beside her skeleton there were also remains of a child's skeleton. Both were located near a house whose fireplace has remained relatively preserved. Thus, Sofia continues to tell its story about the Neolithic period. Еvidence of the many first steps of the European civilization has been found in the same village on an area of about 300 decares. In the very center of Sofia there is a Neolithic settlement inhabited for about 500 years from the end of the seventh to the beginning of the sixth millennium BC in the Early Neolithic period. It was founded by people from Western Asia who were the first farmers and stockbreeders in Europe. Precisely here, in Bulgaria, this new livelihood was developed. It was in Neolithic Sofia that the leavened bread was made for the first time and not during the Iron Age as was previously thought. This was a revolution in nutrition because unleavened bread should be consumed immediately while it is still warm as only in a few hours it becomes hard as a rock. Another major finding was the oldest stone ploughshare. Thousands of years ago, in the village of Slatina, people had already been constructing huge buildings including houses with an area of 117 sq.m, of 142 sq.m. and of about 300 sq.m. larger.

The Neolithic settlement will be transformed into an archaeological reservation, where the 117-square-meter house will be restored - with a real fireplace that will be lit with all the instruments and tools that the first residents of Sofia used to use. The project aims to make contemporary people feel the life of the prehistoric man, to juxtapose the way of life in the past to the one at present, to show people how stone tools and bone tools were made. The project will be funded by Sofia Municipality, BAS, and will rely on sponsors.