Sofia is Investing in Mineral Water

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

This year, Sofia Municipality is investing in the healing mineral water resources on its territory. Another 20 million BGN will be spent for restoring the use of the mineral water of Sofia through the revival of significant mineral baths, one of which is in Bankya. The mineral baths in Bankya were once the largest and most modern balneological resort in Eastern Europe. The Baths were founded in 1911, designed by the German Professor Hoheder on the order of Tsar Ferdinand. About 8 million BGN have been earmarked for its restoration, and the remaining funds are for the baths in Ovcha Kupel and the construction of the first municipal aquapark with mineral water (25 decares) in Vazrazhdane park. Half of the restoration and construction activities of the Baths in Bankya have been completed, and in a year, it will be open to visitors. Apart from the restoration of the swimming pools, an installation through which the whole building will be heated with mineral water will also be constructed. A 25-meter swimming pool will also be built. Step by step, Sofia is on its way to recover its former glory as a renowned balneology resort – it used to be such when its name was Serdica and the city was part of the vast Roman Empire.