Sofia History Museum Resurrected Sofia’s Legendary Writer’s Café

Thursday, 31 October 2019

In the building of the Central Mineral Baths, which houses Sofia History Museum, the legendary writer's cafe, which operated in the capital more than 44 years ago, awaits you again. The idea for its renovation stems from the capital’s need to once again have a place where masters of speech can meet, as they used to in a cafe near the Russian Church, as well as in an establishment called "Samsun", known as the Armenian Café, in Targovska Street, about 50 meters away from the modern building of Sofia Museum. The new art space is called Vergil Café and will host events, literary readings, book premieres and meetings with writers, mini-concerts and theater events. It can be used for free by writers, artists, and people of art. The hall is decorated in retro style, and there is a copy of Alexander Dobrinov’s emblematic painting Tsar Osvoboditel Coffee-Shop on one of the walls. The official opening of the retro cafe brought together masters of speech from different generations - Academician Anton Donchev, Prof. Kiril Topalov, Dimitar Bochev, Fedya Filkova, Mihail Veshim, Mitko Novkov, Zdravka Evtimova, Petar Chuhov, Khairi Hamdan, Mirela Ivanova, Andzhela Dimcheva, Teodora Stanoeva, Alec Popov, Elena Alexieva, Ivan Landzhev, Teodora Toteva. Barely opened, the writer’s retro cafe began to function at full speed. On October 3, a poetic recital was held there, organized by the Association of Sofia Writers. On October 9, Professor Alexander Fol’s latest collection of scientific articles was presented there by his wife. Prof. Alexander Fol was the best thracologist among all Bulgarian scientists.