Discover the secrets of Ancient Serdica only with a phone in your hand - or how to become a true explorer in Sofia

You can now immerse yourself in the rich history of Sofia only with a phone in hand and a nice walk in the city center. When you can't travel in space, travel in time and tour Sofia between the 2nd and 6th century, with the Serdican Lucius. Explore the city, built by the Romans and turned into an important economic and administrative center in the interior of the Balkan Peninsula.

What is Serdica Riddles?

Serdica Riddles is a first of a kind adventure game-guide which takes you through archeological landmarks and museum exhibits from Ancient Serdica. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play. In the free version you can walk around and learn interesting facts about the ancient city, as well as test your knowledge with 3 riddles of your choice. For the true adventurers, the full version offers 17 riddles and the unique opportunity to discover all ancient secrets of the city and win an honorary badge of Serdica!

Serdica Riddles aims to stimulate interest in the archaeological discoveries ​​and to reconfirm Sofia as a cultural destination. We hope to support the tourist potential of the city in an innovative way and to stimulate the residents and visitors of the capital to discover and explore its rich heritage.

Why play Serdica Riddles?

  • You will test your knowledge with 17 historical riddles
  • You will discover Sofia in a new and fun way
  • You'll wonder if you really were in history class
  • You will hate us if you don't like breaking codes
  • You will love us because we have hints
  • You can start and stop the game whenever you wish
  • And you will really win the Serdica badge if you play!

Who can play Serdica Riddles?

  • You and only you
  • You and your friends
  • You and your family
  • You and your colleagues

Download Serdica Riddles now and start your adventure today!

Available in Google Play Store:

Serdica Riddles is created by the Treasures of Bulgaria Foundation with the financial support from the National Culture Fund under the Cultural Heritage program, module Cultural Industries and Cultural Tourism. All with the kind support from the Sofia History Museum and Sofia Tourism Administration.