Tuesday, 08 December 2020

The female Persian leopard AZARA and the snow leopard NICKS - the only one on the Balkans

Nicks is two and a half years old. He is the first snow leopard to arrive in Bulgaria and can be seen only in Sofia Zoo. Only about 8,000 snow leopards are believed to exist in the wild and their numbers continue to decline. Currently, only about 700 leopards are kept in zoos around the world, and Sofia Zoo’s leopard is one of them.

Azara is 3 years old and comes from Hungary. She will keep company with the majestic male leopard Dan, who came to the capital's zoo from Hanover, Germany, and has been waiting for a suitable partner for 3 years. We hope Dan and Azara will like each other!

In addition to these leopards, a small deer was born at Sofia Zoo in the herd of sika deer. It is the third deer of this species to be born this year at Sofia Zoo.

Sika deer were found only in Vietnam, but today they have disappeared from the wild and are only bred in parks and zoos.

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