Visitors to Yuzhen Park in Sofia will be greeted by Water Grazing by Pavel Koychev

Friday, 08 January 2021

The Sofia Municipal Council gave the green light to the permanent outdoor display of the composition Water Grazing- a work of the world-famous Bulgarian sculptor Pavel Koychev. The work will be located in Yuzhen Park, in the water mirror at the western entrance.

The idea of placing a large-scale work was supported by many public figures and was approved by the Art Expert Council of Sofia Municipality.

After an invitation, Pavel Koychev proposed to the municipal government to create a new version of his iconic work Water Grazing. Until 2019, it was located in the river of the village of Osikovitsa near Pravets. The figures will be made of bronze, and the main one will be nearly 4 meters tall.

So far, two sculptures by the author have been placed in Sofia - in front of the building of Krasno Selo Municipal Institute of Culture and in front of the American Embassy.

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