The Sofia Municipal Council adopted a document which will regulate the aesthetic requirements regarding the design of urban areas

Friday, 08 January 2021

On December 17, 2020, the Sofia Municipal Council adopted the Ordinance on the urban environment of Sofia Municipality. This is a new document that for the first time will regulate the aesthetic requirements regarding the design of urban areas. This ordinance is a management tool with which the municipality will implement measures to improve the image of the city in a modern way, using the best examples and mechanisms of leading European and world cities. The ordinance provides a general regulatory framework for this management process. An integral part of the ordinance are the appendices - standards that clearly present rules regarding the individual groups of elements forming the environment. These standards are easy to use, give clarity to citizens and institutions about the requirements. We expect, in addition to the improvement of the aesthetic appearance of the city, to create conditions for a significant reduction of administrative procedures in this area of management.

The first developed standards are: the scheme of zoning of the city; standards for font used in official inscriptions; standards for street and tourist signs, and standards for layout of facades in Zone 2 of the central part of the city. Further standards are under consideration, such as the design of pavements in the city, which will be submitted for adoption by the SMC in 2021.

The ordinance determines additional requirements to the volume and content of the detailed development plans and of the investment projects for new constructions, reconstruction, extension and superstructure and major and current repairs of buildings and facilities, streets, squares and green areas as well as of the elements of the urban design in order to preserve the characteristic image and the architectural, artistic and spatial layout on the territory of Sofia Municipality.