Sofia with a new area for walking and sports around Iskar River

Wednesday, 16 June 2021

At the beginning of May, Sofia Municipality started a stage of the cleaning of Iskar River. The activities cover 10 km of the Iskar riverbed between the 500-meter section from the wall of Lake Pancharevo to the Sofia Airport area. Mrs. Fandakova visited the section where the cleaning activities were being carried out and said that the project also includes the construction of a pedestrian and bicycle connections, connected to the adjacent districts, which are to be used by Sofia’s residents for walking and sports activities.

Apart from the cleaning of the riverbed and the construction of a sports and walking area, the activities will increase the safety when dealing with the water masses of the Iskar Dam, Kokalyane Dam and Pancharevo Dam. Pancharevo Lake is the largest body of water near Sofia. It is located 12 km southeast of the city center in the direction of Samokov and Borovets, 600 m above sea level.

On the shores of the lake are constructed three recreational sites - a spa complex around the mineral springs, a sports center on the territory of Sredets National Rowing Venue and a recreation area in the Plazha (Beach) area at its southern end, offering numerous picnic places around Iskar river, a restaurant, а children's playground and а pond for paid fishing. The fish world is represented by white fish, caracuda, catfish, trout, perch and pike. Along the eastern shore of the lake there is a picturesque panoramic path, which reveals beautiful views of the mountains Vitosha and Plana. The area is famous for its mineral springs and various opportunities for nature trips, water sports, easy tourist routes, which makes Pancharevo Lake one of the most visited tourist places in the area.

The cleaning activities are funded by the Interdepartmental Commission for Rehabilitation and Assistance to the Council of Ministers and by Sofia Municipality.