Sofia's first wine map is now a fact!

Wednesday, 16 February 2022

The Wine Map of Sofia was created on the initiative of Sofia Municipality (Visit Sofia), in partnership with the Bulgarian Association of Wine Professionals (BAWP).

Sofia’s residents and guests now have a reliable guide to places offering quality Bulgarian wine. The map is available in two languages - Bulgarian and English. It is a step towards one of BAWP’s main goals - the promotion of wine and culinary tourism in our country. It is also part Sofia Municipality’s plan for the tourism sector – the creation of alternative tourism products that offer experience.

Sofia is not located in a wine region, but it undoubtedly has an important place on the Bulgarian wine map. If anyone is skeptical as to how a city far from the vineyards can be connected to wine tourism, here is a simple explanation - London, which at least in the above criteria resembles Sofia, was chosen as one of the ten best wine destinations in the world for 2017 by Wine Enthusiast (along with the Thracian Valley).

The establishments on the map are selected because of their specific "wine atmosphere", professional selection and variety of Bulgarian wines, producers, and local varieties. The map features wine shops, bars, and restaurants that make local wine accessible and recognizable - they have been selected on the basis of a survey conducted in November and December 2021. The map also includes brief information about local varieties, vineyards, regions, wineries, opportunities for wine tours in Sofia and a calendar of events in the capital related to Bulgarian wine. The team that created the map tried to select the best places for quality Bulgarian wine in our capital - according to completely objective criteria.

The shops featured in the map must adhere to the following criteria - their primary business activity must be the selling of wine, they must have wines from at least 10 Bulgarian wineries, wine from local varieties, and a trained wine consultant, must organize wine events or thematic presentations and promotions of Bulgarian wine. The restaurants and bars on the wine map must adhere to the following criteria - over 50% of the wine in the wine list must be Bulgarian, must have wines from at least 5 Bulgarian wineries as well as wine from local varieties and last but not least, must offer wine by the glass.

The City Wine Map of Sofia presents 40 establishments - 17 wine shops and 23 bars and restaurants, where visitors can taste and/or buy Bulgarian wine - not just as a drink, but as a means to immerse themselves in a real experience. The map promotes good trade practices, hospitality, and professionalism in terms of knowledge and presentation of Bulgarian wines, producers, and regions. This is another of the main goals of the creators – the map to serve as an incentive and motivation for Sofia's wine establishments to increase in number.

The map is available HERE.