180° Innovative Art Festival

Tuesday, 12 July 2022

For the ninth year in a row, the Experimental Art Festival "180°" gathers Bulgarian and foreign young artists in Sofia. The festival is realized with the financial support of the Metropolitan Municipality.

From July 23 to 29, some of the most active artists in the fields of experimental music, dance, theater and visual arts will unite in creative teams to present their interpretations of EXISTINCT - the abstract theme of "180°" for 2022, conceived by the organizers of the festival. Traditionally, they do not set preliminary guidelines for the participants, but give them complete freedom to develop their creative ideas. The leading mission of the festival is to provoke interest in current and experimental art and to provide a platform for young artists to perform.

In addition to creative collaborations that go beyond traditional notions of art and enter the realm of experimentation, as well as the already established Videomotion short silent film competition, this year the festival program also includes laboratories, workshops, discussions, lectures and other surprises covering five art spaces in the capital.

A highlight of the program this year is the all-new 180° Community Lab format. It includes a series of workshops aimed at stimulating the creativity of the participants and the interaction between them, reflection and horizontal communication with a focus on topics important for the development and positioning of art and culture in society.

The first event of this year's edition of "180°" lands at RCSI "Toplotsentrala" and promises to involve the audience in a performance by students from the capital's art schools, created within the creativity laboratory, part of the artist-led 180° Community Lab Ksenia Ravvina, Mihaela Dobreva and Alexander Hadzhiev. Traditionally, 180° will provoke the audience with an experimental open-ended surprise that will introduce all the participants and the theme of the festival.

The program will conclude on July 29 at Factory 126 with the final of the Videomotion 2022 short silent film competition, open to professionals and amateurs. This year's theme is EXISTINCT, and the videos chosen at the final will be voiced with live improvisation by the musicians of the festival. At the closing event, the audience will also be able to enjoy the collective musical work created within the framework of the 180° Improvisation Laboratory, directed by Dietmar Wiesner, flutist and co-founder of the German Ensemble Modern.

"180°" will take place between July 23 and 29, and the events are free to enter. You will find details about the participants and all the events within the festival on the Facebook page of "180°".

Source: ArtSofia