Traces of Water - Exhibition

Friday, 09 December 2022

The exhibition Traces of Water brings together ceramic vessels, panels and watercolors, through which I "present" the path of water through my artistic objects. And if watercolor is water in its essence, ceramics is most often associated as the art of fire and earth. But before clay became a beautiful object of art, it was a shapeless but LIVING mass. Revived by the water. Through its vital force, the clay spreads, creases, crumples, twists under the hands of the creator, takes the desired shape, which solidifies and hardens for eternity after its contact with the fire. Thus, traces of the presence of water are forever sealed. In the exhibition, ceramics and watercolor harmoniously pulsate in a world of colors and shapes, where water has left its traces.

The exhibition can be seen from 12.12.2022 to 09.01.2023 in TEA Art Gallery – 10, Dimitar Hadjikotsev Street, Lozenets district.

The exhibition is carried out with the financial support of the National Fund Culture - Program Creative Scholarships.