The Metropolitan Library celebrates May 11 - the professional holiday of Bulgarian librarians

Wednesday, 10 May 2023

The motto of the holiday is Preserving and transmitting the Bulgarian word through the ages

On the day of Saints Cyril and Methodius and on the professional holiday of Bulgarian librarians - May 11, the largest public library in the country, the Sofia Library presents a holiday program Preserving and transmitting the Bulgarian word through the ages and an Open Doors Day.

At 12 o'clock, famous poets and writers sympathetic to the cause of libraries, such as Georgi Konstantinov, Teodora Dimova, Mirela Ivanova, Deyan Enev, Boyko Lambovski, Amelia Licheva, Viktoria Beshliyska and Roman Kisyov will give their messages about books, reading, libraries and librarians . And the emblematic vocal ensemble Elitsi at St. Konstantin Kiril the Philosopher National High School of Ancient Languages and Cultures ( NHSALC) led by Daniel Ivanov will perform authentic Church Slavonic chants for the readers and visitors of the library and guests of the capital.

The documentary exhibition "A Thirst For Knowledge - march to education". The image of the Bulgarian school - the end of the 19th - the beginning of the 20th century" presents old printed educational publications. Visitors will also be able to view thematic posters dedicated to the holiday of primary teachers - May 11, to their students and followers.

The festive program includes:

  • Presentation of prizes for the most active participants in the volunteer campaign "Librarian for a day"
  • Presentation of the traditional awards to the Director of the Sofia Library - Librarian of the Year

Throughout the day, there will be interesting STEM games, art workshops, video projections, attractive activities with bots, 3D pens, etc. for the children in the Children's and American Center and the Teen Laboratory.

The open day and the Library from the inside initiative offer visitors not only to explore the new modern reading and library areas, but also the unique museum spaces of the library with the Personal Collections of Konstantin Stoilov and Simeon Radev, donated to the Metropolitan Library.

Free reader cards will be available for all who wish.

Share the Day of the Bulgarian Librarians in the Sofia Library with its festive initiatives and with its friends and like-minded people - Bulgarian poets and writers.