The 9th edition of Sofia City Library’s campaign - Green Libraries starts in North Park

Wednesday, 02 August 2023

One of the emblematic initiatives of Sofia Library - the Green Libraries summer campaign is taking place for the ninth time in Sofia's parks. The purpose of the campaign is to promote reading from an early age, to communicate and attract new reading audiences.

The Sofia Library, which is celebrating its 95th anniversary this year, today has over 86,000 readers. The ninth edition of Green Libraries starts on August 5 in North Park. Last year, 2 houses were placed in Geo Milev Park, from which every visitor can take a book to read and leave their own. This summer, 2 new book houses will be installed – in North Park and West Park. Thus, there will be 11 places for sharing books in the parks, which the Metropolitan Library regularly stocks with interesting titles, with 7 houses located in iconic places in the Vitosha Nature Park and in the Zoo. This year's art program of Green Libraries 2023 again includes meetings with favorite poets, interesting thematic exhibitions and live musical performances.

The full program of the event you can see here.