A Festival of Music and the Assumption Assembly will delight the residents of Zheleznitsa

Friday, 11 August 2023

Residents and guests of Zheleznitsa will be able to enjoy a three-day Festival of Music, which will be combined with the village's traditional Assumption Assembly. The event is organized by the Probuda - 1926 Community center and Municipality of the village of Zheleznitsa.

Children from the village, improvised ensembles and guest performers of traditional Bulgarian folklore will take part in the celebration. The culmination will be the rite of consecration of water, which traditionally takes place on the feast of the Great Mother of God. Residents also prepare a sacrifice, which is distributed for health. The event takes place every year on August 15 on an open stage in the central square of the village of Zheleznitsa.

In connection with the holding of the assembly, a temporary organization of traffic is introduced in the village area. For the time from 08:00 to 24:00, an organization is being created to change the routes of bus lines No. 69, 70 and 98 in the village of Zheleznitsa.

You can see the program of the event here: here.