Sofia Municipality introduces the Holler system in tourism

Wednesday, 18 October 2023

The Holler digital platform is being introduced through Sofia Tourism Administration and will provide feedback to tourists in Sofia. The innovative system allows the guests of the capital to evaluate their stay, to share what brings them to Sofia, to give an opinion on various cultural sites, restaurants, events that they have visited. The tourist feedback platform works through QR codes placed in the Tourist Information Centers and on all forms of the Categorization and Control department in the Sofia Tourism Administration.

The tourist industry in Sofia is also given the opportunity to use the Holler system and through feedback to give opinions, recommendations and suggestions for developing the tourism potential of the city.

The information from the Holler digital platform will help to improve the existing tourist product in Sofia, to create a new one, to turn the capital into an even more attractive and desirable tourist destination.

Photo: pixabay