Two exhibitions within the Sofia MENAR film festival

Wednesday, 03 January 2024

Two photography exhibitions will be presented within the framework of the festival for cinema from the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa - Sofia MENAR, which is coming to the capital. Maya Doichinova - Sapundjieva and Ivaylo Sapundjiev will present the series "Moments of Life" and "Infinity", respectively, in the spaces of the House of Cinema and the G8 Cultural Center, the organizers report. The official opening will be on January 15. Both exhibitions will be accompanied by the presentation of the books "Moments of Life" and "Infinity", which visitors will be able to purchase during the opening of the exhibitions. The photographs included in "Moments of Life" and "Infinity" were shot in Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, Uzbekistan, India and Iran. "The truest moments in life are those that have sealed the most vivid memories in our hearts. The ones that often catch us off guard and that leave a sweet taste in our soul. People with pain, smiles, sadness, faith, hope, love, happiness, joy, tears, creating the most priceless moments," the event team said.