The sledge zone next to h. Aleko on Vitosha opens its doors on Friday

Thursday, 04 January 2024

The sledding area next to the Aleko hut on Vitosha already has enough snow and has been processed, which allowed it to be opened tomorrow, Friday, to work on the first weekend of the year, reports the "Sofia - European Capital of Sports" foundation. The facility will then be open throughout the winter every weekend from Friday to Sunday weather permitting. On the remaining days, the track will also be usable, but without the safety nets and service personnel.The area is located in the immediate vicinity above x. Aleko, the trail is signposted. The meadow itself at the border of the forest belt is machined to offer an ideal sledding surface, and at the finish it ends with a counter slope for stopping and safety. "Sofia - the European capital of sports" has prepared many more snow festivals in the winter - the nearest ones are the Vitosha Winter Fest on January 27 near the Aleko Hut and the Winter Family Fest on February 18 at Ophelia, detailed information can be found on the website and on Facebook of the initiative. During both festivals, the now traditional sled races and many prizes will be organized.