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Religious Holidays

Monday 14 October 2019
14 October 2019 - 20 October 2019
October 2019

October 14 (Petkovden) - We Honor St Paraskeva (Petka) of Tarnovo

St Paraskeva (Petka) is one of the great Bulgarian saints and she is associated with a lot of miracles and beliefs. St Paraskeva (Petka) is an advocate of those in trouble, and a port for those exposed to storms. She is honored on October 14 – this is also one of the great folk holidays with which Bulgarians mark the end of the warm weather and the coming of winter.
In Sofia there is a mediaeval church from the 13th century, which was part of the residence of Sebastokrator Kaloyan, but was destroyed during the Ottoman invasion. In 1578 the temple was rebuilt. Today it is part of the building of the Holy Metropolis of Sofia and has entrances on two streets – Saborna Street and Tsar Kaloyan Street.
On this date Petko, Petka, Petkan, Petra, Petrichka, Petkana, Penko. Penka, Paraskev, Parasceva, etc. celebrate their name day
Religious Holidays

October 19 - St John of Rila, the Miracle Maker – the most venerated Bulgarian saint

John of Rila is the greatest Bulgarian saint, the heavenly protector of all Bulgarians. On October 19, the church honors the modest hermit of Rila who was called an earthly angel and a heavenly man during his lifetime. He is founder of the biggest monastery in Bulgaria – Rila Monastery.
Religious Holidays

October 26 - Saint Demetrios of Thessaloniki (Dimitrovden/ Dimitar’s Day)

On October 26, the Orthodox Church honors Saint Demetrios of Thessaloniki (aka Dimitrovden/ Dimitar’s Day). Protector of Christians, St Demetrios was called Myrrh-streamer because after he was killed in 306 his remains emitted strongly scented liquid myrrh. His relics also have miraculous power. Saint Demetrios is one of the most revered saints and is presented as an older brother to Saint George. People say that while St George brings the summer, St Demetrius brings the winter. As a harbinger of winter and cold weather, the saint is linked with the world of the dead. It is considered that after this feast the traditional period for seasonal workers – shepherds and farmhands, comes to an end.
There should be poultry dishes and vegetables on the table on Dimitrovden.
Dimitar, Dimitrina, Mitko, Mityo, Dimo, Dimcho, Dimka, Dimana, etc. celebrate their name day on this date.
Religious Holidays