Useful Info

About Bulgaria

Country information

Area – 110,994 square kilometers (42,855 square miles)
Population – 7,606,551 inhabitants
Capital City – Sofia
Currency – Bulgarian Lev (BGN) (plural Leva)
Language – Bulgarian
Time Zone – Еastern European Time: GMT plus 2, no time zones within the country.
Country Phone Code – 00359 Area
Phone Code (Sofia) – 02
Weather Chart:
Average Annual Temperature: 10,5 °C; 50,9 °F
During the Summer: 23 °C; 73,4 °F
During the Winter: 0 °C; 32 °F

Additional information

Electricity: the electricity is 220 Volts AC, European 2 round pin plugs

Weights and measures: Bulgaria uses the metric system for all weights and measures. To convert metres into feet divide by 0.3048; to convert kilometers into miles divide by 1.6083; to convert kilograms into pounds divide by 0.4536; to convert hectares into acres divide by 0.4047. To convert imperial into metric multiply by the factors shown.

Bank Opening Hours: Monday–Friday 09:00–16:30
Healthcare: no vaccination is necessary.
Airlines: Bulgaria Air
Airport name: Sofia International Airport
Distance to city centre: 10 km from downtown Sofia
Access Information: bus route 84, 184 (Terminal 1); Metro, 84,184 (Terminal 2).