Useful Info

Emergency phones

Information about emergency services at national and European level.
A European single emergency number - 112
112 is the number that you can call for free to emergency services in the European Union from a landline or mobile phone.

What happens when you call?
A specially trained operator will answer your call. Depending on country or operator will directly deal with your call will be transfer it to the most appropriate emergency service.

Tell your name, address and telephone number.
Callers need to be identified to avoid confusion - possibly the same incident have already been reported by other people.

Do not hang up if you dialed 112 by mistake!

Tell the operator that everything is okay. Otherwise, they have to sent emergency team to verify that there is no problem.

You can call 112 in case of?

  • Dial 112 for any emergency that required an ambulance, fire department or police.
    you have been involved in a serious accident or you are witness.
  • Spotted fire in the building.
  • Spotted breaking into a house.

Do not call 112 for:

  • traffic information;
  • weather information;
  • general questions and information.

Unwanted calls can overload the system, risking the lives of those who really need emergency care.