Let's have a walk in Sofia


Let's have a walk in Sofia

Colorful Diversity in Vitosha Mountain

One day trip: Nature Protection Information Center Vitosha – a panoramic observation deck over Sofia - Dragalevtsi Monastery - a ride on a panoramic ski lift.

Have a bird's-eye view of Sofia by standing at an altitude of 1818 meters! Visit Dragalevtsi Monastery - the main monastery in Sofia Holy Mount, and learn more about the most visited mountain in Bulgaria – Vitosha. Present-day Sofia is one of the most ancient cities in Europe with millennial cultural traditions. It is also one of the few capitals in Europe with a mountain on its territory - the northern part of Vitosha which is the most developed tourism area. Thus, unforgettable walks in nature await you!

You can take public transport from the city center to the last stop of bus №93 and travel for about an hour. The price of a one-way ticket is BGN 1.60. The most convenient option is to buy for BGN 4 a one-day card that offers an unlimited number of trips within the day on all types of public transport - buses, trolleybuses, trams and metro.

Tracing the Religious Tolerance in the Capital of Bulgaria

Sofia is a city of religious tolerance where many religions and denominations coexist. Every day Christians (Orthodox and Catholics), Muslims and Jews meet and practice their faith - openly, without fear and hatred. One of the greatest proofs of this is the so-called "Quadrangle of Religious Tolerance" located in the heart of present-day Sofia where there are designated places for prayer for people of these religions located meters away from one another. You can also visit the temples regardless of your religious affiliation.

Boyana Church and National Museum of History - experience the greatest mystery of all - time

One-day trip: Vitosha Blvd – National Museum of History – Boyana Church Sofia is a city with an ancient history and plays an important role in the development of the country. Here, through the millennial history of the city and the history of one of the oldest countries in Europe – Bulgaria, you will be able to experience the greatest mystery of all – time. In just one day you can visit the National Museum of History and the Boyana Church which is included in UNESCO World Heritage List. You can take public transport from the central pedestrian zone of Sofia - Vitosha Blvd, to the National Museum of History and travel for about 35 minutes, or to Boyana Church and travel for about an hour. The price of a one-way ticket is BGN 1.60. The most convenient option is to buy a one-day card for BGN 4 that offers an unlimited number of trips within the day on all types of public transport - buses, trolleybuses, trams and metro.

A route for graffiti fans

Sofia has recently became an outdoor art space, thanks to graffiti: they crop up here and there on a facade, transform a crumbling wall, turn a building into fantasy scene with amazing characters, attract passers-by and are painted by real artists known as Urban Creatures. In the summer of 2013 in the district of Hadzhi Dimitar huge graffiti appeared on three eight-storey blocks, known as the Santa Dobri, The Winged Diver, and The Girl with a Secret Gift Behind. Their pictures circle round media and social networks, and passersby stop to admire the creative imagination of their authors. Today a whole gallery is waiting for you in the district of Hadzhi Dimitar. This route will offer you the "gallery" of the city center of Sofia. The works of street art in the city center are between the three Tourist Information Centres of Sofia.

Explore nature with the kids – Vitosha mountain

It’s so important to breathe fresh air, get some exercise and learn to love and respect nature – especially for children. Our lovely mountain Vitosha mountain is very diverse – it offers a variety of cozy locations to relax, challenging routes to follow and many places to just take a walk amongst nature. This time we’ll go around the area of the Golden Bridges. There are dozens of chalets in the area – most of them reachable by car. And if you’re looking for hiking trails, you have about 4-5 different options of routes with very good marking and signs, mostly reaching the nearby huts where you can have a meal and freshen up. On weekends and holidays, bus 63 will take you directly to the destination in about 30 minutes. You can find the bus stop at Tsar Boris III Blvd. (№2543).

Hike for a day in Vitosha: Boyana Church – Boyana Waterfall

The Boyana Waterfall is the largest waterfall in Vitosha, splashing down from 15 m and it’s most rampant in spring. Besides that, the hiking route is not too far from the city center – you can reach the starting point by public transport for just about 30-50 minutes. The route is difficult enough to challenge you and easy enough to have a fun day-trip with friends and family. When you reach the higher parts of the path, you will have the chance to enjoy some panoramic views of Sofia. There are a couple of marked routes to the waterfall, but the most popular one starts from the Boyana suburb of Sofia. The route is about 6 km long with 600 m elevation – the Boyana waterfall is about 1300 m above sea level. It will take you about 2 hours uphill and about an hour down (following the same route). It’s said to be of intermediate hiking difficulty. Overall, it’s broad and slant most of the time, so there’s nothing to worry about. It is suitable for beginners and bigger children as well – just be careful with the steeper slopes. And of course, make sure to check the weather forecast, to leave at the right time of the day, and to wear the appropriate equipment – in the higher parts it’s a bit cooler and slippery.

See Sofia from above: Aleko hut – Kamen Del Peak

Kamen Del Peak is the place to enjoy a full sight of Sofia. It is in fact almost 360 degrees, considering that in front of you stands the whole city from a 1800 height perspective and behind you is located the beautiful landscape of the Turf Reserve (called Torfeno Branishte in Bulgarian). ). If you want to have more of a challenge you can reach it, starting from Dragalevtsi district or the Golden Bridges. But the easiest route is definitely from Aleko hut. All routes are marked and have signs in both English and Bulgarian, which will guide you throughout your adventure. The route from Aleko hut to Kamen Del Peak is suitable for both adults and children, in all four seasons and even if you want to hike at night. It takes about hour and a half with elevation of only 70 meters and length of 4 kilometers in one direction. At first, it passes through the forest and then it goes on the Vitosha plateau, where it’s usually windy and very sunny. At some places it gets a bit muddy as well. And of course, make sure to check the weather forecast, to leave at the right time of the day, and to wear the appropriate equipment. Bring lots of water, something to eat and don’t forget the camera – believe us, you’ll need it!

Winter in Vitosha mountain: Zheleznitsa – Cherni Vrah Peak

A challenge for the more experienced hiker lovers!
In the winter Vitosha mountain is a great challenge, but with good equipment, experience and some friends, it can turn into an unforgettable journey.
Beware of the weather! As in every mountain, some days there’s a bigger risk of avalanches and the weather could be unpredictable as well. Always check the forecast and the online webcams before you go. The plateаu in the upper parts is usually very windy as well. It is vital to wear the right equipment and not to go on your own. Water- and windproof jackets and shoes are a must! Crampons and ski sticks are also advisable, especially if you’re taking the steeper and slippery routes. To contact the Mountain Rescure Service in case of emergency, call the national number 112 or +3592/ 963 2000. To make easier contact, you can download their free app called PSS for Apple and Android as well. For the experienced mountaineers, the route to Cherni Vrah peak starting from Zheleznitsa village is an ideal choice. It will not only get you a little further away from the city, but also challenge you – the first part of the route is steep and tiring, but the view from the Vitosha Plateau will recharge you with energy! The marking is excellent – the stakes will accompany you throughout the whole journey, helping you make your way.
Elevation: 1300 m. Duration: 3-4 hours. Distance: 10 km.
Photos by Peter Savov.

Skiing and ecotourism: Simeonovo – Cherni Vrah peak

Visit some of Vitosha mountain’s most popular destinations in just one day!
Vitosha mountain is a great place for skiing, but that’s not the only option during the winter. There are many possibilities for ecotourism with good winter marking, accessible and visited daily by the locals and tourists of Sofia. Enjoy a snow day in the mountains!
Make sure you check the weather forecast precisely. Wear your warm windproof clothes and waterproof shoes and always have someone to keep you company – thus it will be much more fun and safe as well. To contact the Mountain Rescue Service in case of emergency, call the national number 112 or +3592/ 963 2000.
The route from Simeonovo suburb of Sofia to Cherni vrah peak is about 12 km with over 1000 meters of elevation – get ready for a big long climbing. If you want your way to be significantly easier and make it more of a short walk, you can always take the cabin lift from Simeonovo, which will take you directly to Aleko hut. Remember that the starting station of the lift is in a completely different place from the start of the trail. Its working hours during the winter season are every day from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Sofia City Tour with Audio Guide

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